Hydra Bookshop are now stocking my collected poems 'Making adjustments for life expectancy'. 

I've recently had a couple of poems published, with 'THE FOX' in Turbulence magazine (Issue 15) and 'THE ISLAND' in Roundyhouse magazine issue 40, with 'ON A FIELD IN WILTSHIRE' coming in the Spring edition of Sarasvati magazine. Decanto and Saravati will also be advertising the book in the coming months.


 'Making adjustments for life expectancy' is written in four chapters interlinking two different themes throughout each chapter, I wanted to try and capture a life through poetry, like a writing lens that's never switched off, with a mix of beautiful lines, imagery, and gritty realism, that continues to haunt you long after the reading of the poems is done, with poems on topical themes, on nature, modernisation, culture, travel, mortality, love, and war.  The collection spans the last twenty years, some of the poems included have being published in magazines, such as Dwang 2, Square, Graffiti, Cutting Teeth, Understanding, Roundyhouse, Seventh Quarry, The Delinquent, Monkey Kettle, Sarasvati, The Ugly Tree, Connections, Krax, The Dawntreader, and many more.  






M.J Duggan is a poet who lives in Bristol UK and has had poems published in many magazines such as Chimera, Dwang, Moodswing, The Seventh Quarry, Saravati, Graffiti, Understanding, Square, The Delinquent and many more. His collected poems 'MAKING ADJUSTMENT FOR LIFE EXPECTANCY' a collection with four chapters of poems interlinking two themes throughout each chapter.










A collection of fifty two poems carefully filed into four chapters interlinking two themes throughout each chapter, with some of the poems having been published in poetry magazines Dwang 2, Dawntreader, Roundyhouse, Moodswing, The Delinquent, Seventh Quarry, Krax, Monkey Kettle, Outlaw, Square, Graffiti, Cutting teeth and many more.


One of my new poems 'NOTES ON MEETING MY YOUNGER SELF' is being published in an anthology called 'DAY IN TIME' by (Forward Press) and is out on the 30th of September.

My new poetry project 'NOTES FROM A DYSTOPIAN MEMOIR' a selection of poems told from the not to distant future, is going very well, with twelve rough cut poems done, its nearing completion, after the re-edits of coarse.  






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